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FileMaker Go Login Issues

Question asked by FM_New_Dev on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Stephen Huston

G'day All,


I am having issues with Filemaker Go login and going to a certain layout.

In the startupScrip, there was distinction between ios users (users using ipad / iphone using filemaker go) to go to a certain layout. Many a times, especially on a bad internet speed times the IOS users would land into the desktop (PC) dashboard.


I thought Get( LayoutViewState) distinction isn't working well so i changed it to 'Privilege Set' where one certain user group will go to a certain layout based on 'Privilege Set'. At times it doesn't work as well. Usually when internet coverage is good then Go users login directly to their layout but on bad internet speed days, they get to this layout designed only for desktop (Filemaker pro) users.


I am not sure, if there is a default layout where users go to if the internet bandwidth is too slow to complete the script steps?


Would appreciate any suggestions.