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    FileMaker Go Login Issues


      G'day All,


      I am having issues with Filemaker Go login and going to a certain layout.

      In the startupScrip, there was distinction between ios users (users using ipad / iphone using filemaker go) to go to a certain layout. Many a times, especially on a bad internet speed times the IOS users would land into the desktop (PC) dashboard.


      I thought Get( LayoutViewState) distinction isn't working well so i changed it to 'Privilege Set' where one certain user group will go to a certain layout based on 'Privilege Set'. At times it doesn't work as well. Usually when internet coverage is good then Go users login directly to their layout but on bad internet speed days, they get to this layout designed only for desktop (Filemaker pro) users.


      I am not sure, if there is a default layout where users go to if the internet bandwidth is too slow to complete the script steps?


      Would appreciate any suggestions.



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          You should be using Get(ApplicationVersion)  for the device layout direction.


          In File>File Options there is an Open tab where you can specify the default layout for the file on opening. You startup script will bypass this as specified.


          You can also have that layout with a script trigger that will evaluate the application version and then direct the user to the proper layout if the startup script somehow failed to do it.


          Script steps should not be skipped like this and I have never seen this happen before.

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            Just to add one more thing, I also tried changing the Startup Scrip from 'OnWindowOpen' to 'OnFirstWindowOpen' as well if that is causing the problem but to no avail.

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              Thanks Tom, Appreciate your response.


              I will give it a try, On File options, i haven't selected any Layout as 'Switch to Layout' option. So i guess all it has to do is follow the Startup Script steps.


              Assuming the script steps are processed sequentially, at the very start of the scrip i have the If statement checking for Privilege Set to direct to a layout..


              I will give it a try and feedback.



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                Using a privilege set to direct to a layout for iPad is not a good idea. Hopefully there is another reason for using privilege set.

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                  Should be on first window open.


                  Can you post up a screen shot of the direction part of your script? The script itself might need some changes.

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                    Thanks Tom, i will give it a try.


                    I mistakenly written wrong function above, actually the direction to a layout is being done by Get (System Platform) .


                    Just when you pointed out there could be something wrong in script, i think i have found one loophole. I will give it a shot and come back with results.


                    Appreciate your help.

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                      Get( system platform ) can work if you use Get (screen width ) along with it but ApplicatiionVersion really points you right to iPhone, iPad, or web.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Keep in mind that hosted files open by default on the layout on which the file was closed the last time it was used UNhosted. This can only be changed by taking it off the server, opening it locally, going to some simple layout in form view with a really narrow base table, and closing the file there, then rehosting it.


                        I like to use a trigger onLastWindowClose to be sure my onhosted sessions end where I want my hosted sessions to open. This minimizes caching and screendraws during opening before the onOpen triggers kick in.


                        PS: don't use a list view for either closing or opening layouts to reduce caching during opening.

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                          Thanks Tom, I have got the Get( Application Version) and also found a problem in script. It does the job. Thanks for your help.


                          Thanks Stephen, your reply had been very insightful as i didn't know about the default layout. Is the default layout as you mentioned is local to a user or anyone who last closed the file?

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                            it appears from using Get (Application Version) from last 3 days instead of Get (System Plateform) has proved quite well. There was a problem in script steps as well thats been rectified. Usually with the fragile mobile internet out there, users weren't authenticating that smoothly before. I don't have conclusive evidence that its Get (Application Version) or the mobile internet has been pretty good but so far so good.

                            bigtom thanks for your help.

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                              Stephen Huston

                              The "Default Layout" becomes default for starting every session by every user while the file is hosted. That's why it's so important to close the file from its last unhosted session in the best place for minimizing caching.

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                                StephenHuston, sorry i got  busy and lost track of this discussion.


                                i lost you there regarding unhosted sesion, I just want to be sure if i am understanding you correctly. I am not using any LastWindowClose trigger, what i have seen at times is the layout that i am creating new as a developer gets shown to the Go users for a split second ( or if the internet speed is slow then they get stuck there) although Go users have simple script step of logging in and going to their own specific layout.

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                                  Stephen Huston

                                  Unhosted means the last time you opened/closed the file in single-usermode, not hosted by FM Server. The layout from closing THAT single-user session is the Default opening layout before any script or trigger-induced layout change can fire.

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