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Pop up/Drop down, possible bug in FM GO 15-and other smaller issues

Question asked by SteveMartino on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by SteveMartino

Was wondering if this is a bug or new expected behavior.

1.  I downloaded FM GO 15, using a DB created with 12.  On the DB I have a button, over a drop down field and a script.

In FM GO 12, when the user selects the button, the dropdown list opens on the field, the user selects the name, and a find is performed for the name.  Works fine.

Basic, Enter Find Mode [ ] //pause, Perform Find [ ] //no parameters

In FM GO 15, when the user selects the button, the layout does a kind of spin to go into find mode, and no dropdown list appears.

I created a sample file with 2 layouts, a drop down and a pop up, neither works.


2.  On the original database created in 12, opening on GO 15, all the text fields/label are misaligned.  Can I assume this is because I am using River Touch?


3.  When I create a new DB (in 12), I can't host it with peer to peer.  Get an error message: "The host does not support this version of FileMaker".  I usually do this only in developing to check the layouts and alignments

I tried deleting/re-installing, on both iPhone and iPad.


Any thoughts are always appreciated.