Webdirect killed by the pricetag and EULA

Discussion created by intex on May 13, 2016
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When Webdirect was introduced, one could see that as an opportunity to give database access to those, who don´t have FileMaker Pro or can´t use GO, because they don´t have an iOS device. These users typically weren´t inhouse and no fulltime workers. So you might have to deal with lots of them, but not at the same time.


Therefor we constructed a new product and offered hosting for this on FMP Host. The hosting cost for 13 and 14 was 19.80 dollars at FMP Host or down to 10 dollars if you had six or more databases to host. So we could offer a one year hosting for the solution for 120 bucks and up to five (changing) people could use the solution.


But now with the new FM15 EULA and the new pricelist FMPhost can only offer me a dedicated server hosting and with five (not changing) users this will cost 74 dollars or 888.- dollars a year. Price increase by factor 7.4 - wow.


With this the whole solution is plain dead - thank you FMI.


A new technique faster killed by marketing than made professional by the programmers (PDF printing still missing for example).