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    Possible FM15 Bug: Script Reversion


      This may be alarmist, but I can't see any explanation other than that there's a bug in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced's script editor (possibly associated with the introduction of the Undo feature).


      Yesterday, I created a script on a client's live system. I tested and debugged it fully, and signed off on it.


      Today, when I go into that system, the script has reverted to a very early version, 25 lines or so, with code that I had actually eliminated in the final, which was probably 80 lines. There is no sign of the final version anywhere in the system. It's gone.


      It was a script to consolidate two duplicate records into one. I tested this script on a couple of records. When I search for them, they are fully consolidated – a process that could only have occurred using that final version of the script.


      So the script was definitely there, and finalized; those consolidated records serve as evidence that it was, otherwise, how were they successfully consolidated?


      (And no, I'm certain I didn't accidentally "undo" the work I did – which would have required me to execute about 55 consecutive undo operations.)


      Anyone with a similar experience?

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          Thank you for your post!


          I haven't seen any reports similar to this yet. If you could provide some more information:

          -What Version of FileMaker Server is hosting the file?

          -What Operating System is FileMaker Server installed on?

          -What Operating System is FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced installed on?

          -Was there a backup between when you made the change and when you noticed the change was unsaved?

               -Do any backups between that time period have the modified script saved?

          -If you make a minor change to the script and see if this occurs again?


          I look forward to your response!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            • FileMaker Server, on OS X 10.9.5.
            • FMPA is on El Capitan 10.11.4
            • A backup occurred at 11pm last night; the backed up version of the file contains the reverted version of the script, not the final one
            • I'll try a minor change to the script and report back.
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              I have been unable to reproduce this issue. To attempt to reproduce I followed these steps:

              1. Hosted file on FileMaker Server (OS X 10.10.5)

              2. Modified and added several lines in a script (with FileMaker Pro 15.0.1 Advanced on OS X 10.11.4)

              3. Saved script upon entering Browse Mode (Then closed file)

              4. Opened file (after it sat over the weekend) to see my changes were saved


              Let me know if you find anything new or have further steps to reproduce!



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                It hasn't happened again, but it definitely happened. It's possible that FMPA14 and FMPA15 were both connected to the same server, and there was some handing back-and-forth of the script that caused it to revert. Just a theory – and luckily a rare situation.