Rejoice with me! A new install feature.

Discussion created by Operadad on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by Draco

I am a fan of assisted, and quiet installs, yet for years I (and you) have faced the problem of "bonus  features" when initially installing a system. Be it a second or third piece of software that has to be installed, or an unwelcome welcome window...You know the drill. Thirty people in an office need to have FileMaker installed, but when they go to do it, they get extra dialogs and confusing windows. But now filemaker has added a new option in the Assisted installed: AI_NOGETSTARTEDDIALOGONLAUNCH


I had to look this one up. According to the new FMP15 network install setup guide it,  is used to "Hide or show the FileMaker Get Started window when FileMaker Pro is started for the first time"





This is a little thing in the big scheme of things, but it will be nice to have it gone.