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    Faster Nav to Last Comment


      I would really like to see a way to go immediately to the last reply in a discussion.

      I'd really like to see this as two features.

      When looking at a list or grid view of discussions, you can see the count of replies for each topic.


      1. When hovering over the reply-count, I'd like to see the content of the last reply, appearing as a tooltip style feature.

      2. When clicking on the reply-count number, you should immediately be taken to that reply.

      This forum is still way too slow, unfortunately. Getting rid of the very slow multi-step process would be great.


      As compared to the old way:

      Click on topic; wait wait wait for original message to appear.

      Then you must click on "last reply" and wait wait wait for THAT message to appear.

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          Hi Bruce,


          I agree that the current way of navigating in a long thread can be cumbersome.


          However, this isn't something under my direct control as it would be part of the Jive interface. Here is the idea space for Jive if you want to make your specific suggestion:  Space: Ideas for Jive | Jive Community


          But never fear -- our Jive reps have heard from me frequently and emphatically about improving thread navigation. I've been clear that this is especially important to our community, where threads can get very long and have a long life as well.


          Cheers --