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    Cannot tag Mike_Mitchell and some others?


      I have had trouble tagging certain people in the community. @Mike_Mitchell is one of the ones I tend to remember as I seem to want to tag him more often than other names that have the same issue. Mike is however not the only one I am experiencing this with. I have attached a screen shot of the problem as I see it. Most of the time this works perfectly fine. Just a few names never show. It would be nice if Jive would convert "@knownname" to a tag or have some other method so I could tag when replying by email.


      No Mike Tag.png

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          I believe that people with underscores in their usernames (ahem, like me) cannot be tagged. I'll think about giving myself a new username -- this was a problem in Jive 7 as well, so I don't expect Jive to address it any time soon.

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            Just typing mike (or Mike or mark or Mark) and there are too many to even show in the "possibles" result list.


            But to add to this discussion: "tagging" is not always working with reply-by-email. So even if we had a non-underscore name, it would not appear as it does when entered on the forum.


            @someone - and I know this is not valid


            There are a couple other quirks (such as the square brackets getting munged with reply-by-email), so I tend to login a lot more.