Should I do this with a calculation?

Discussion created by user26927 on May 15, 2016
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I would like to format an address for related records to put on the layout for displaying purposes only.


Example:  Accounts and Orders

On the order layout I would like to display the account shipping address. 


In the accounts table I have several fields that makeup the address.  Street, City, State, Zip, Country.


So....on the orders layout when I display the related address fields...the spacing isn't quite right. 

It would be nice to display the address in a way where regardless of the length of a city....there is always one space and then the state and zip are displayed. 


What is the best practice for handling this scenario? 

Merge fields?

Create a new calculation field on the account table that gets the info from the address fields and displays it in a concise form in one field that I can use whenever I need to display the address?

None of the above?


Thanks for the advice