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Saving Radio Button Values

Question asked by theofqq on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by beverly

Hello there, from a newbie! I'm using FileMaker Pro for dental patient records &cutting to the chase:


-I'm using one layout with 4 tabs of (Patient General Info, Medical History, Treament, Billing)

-So far, i've created TWO (2) tables (1 for PatientInfo (including ID)) and 1 for Medical History (fields: ID, Anticoagulants, Diabetes, Smoking)


Everything works fine for the 1st tab for Patients General Information due to just simple text-related input. Now I would like to have the Anticoagulants, Diabetes, Smoking as radio buttons with either "Yes" or "No" options.

I converted them to radio buttons, and also (dunno if correct), i made a relationship between "ID" field of PatientInfo table and all of the 3 options of Medical History table. Thing is, that in Browse Mode i can select either Yes/No but my option is not saved for each patient (and generally NOT saved at all - with each click or changing records the value set is lost).


Any help?!