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FileMaker Server Hosting - what will you permit?

Question asked by CarstenLevin on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by MarcDolley

I am directing this question to those who do host for others or intend to do so. I am trying to divide into a few different but hopefully relevant questions.


Server Access

  • Would you ever give anybody else access to the desktop via Remote Desktop, Teamviewer or another method?
  • Would you give anybody else access to there FileMaker Server console?
  • Would you give anybody file access to the server via SMB, AFP, FTP or another protocol?
  • Would you permit anybody to upload and start a FileMaker file/solution to the server without checking it?


The solutions you host/will host in the future

  • Would you host a solution together with other solutions belonging to other people on the same server ... and if, then what about the next questions?
  • Will you give the owner full access to develop/create new users/privilege sets?
    • What precautions would you take?
    • What instructions would you give the owner?
  • Will you allow customers to have solutions on your shared server where you have not checked the security settings and the accounts?
    • What about rules for passwords etc?
    • What about plugins?
      • No plugins?
      • Only a set of plugins you decide to permit and give access to?
      • Free use of plugins on the server?
    • Web: Will you give access to this on a shared server?
      • WebDirect
      • CWP
      • ODBC
      • Other?


And which questions do I forget here?


Would be good to have a discussion about this. As you can see I have not included the discussion about pricing and EULA's here. Let's keep that in the other discussions.