Execute SQL function problem

Discussion created by arnojansen1 on May 14, 2016
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I am trying to get this to work but only get a ? mark as result so I know something is wrong.


This is what I use in a calculation field in Filemaker 14 pro advanced for MAC

calculation result is as text of number but it just doesn't work.


I am looking for a NettPrice in a table named ToursPricesTable where the primary key matches: TourPrice0441, the primary key has a number and is defined as a number field.


This query is in a table called itinerary


ExecuteSQL (

"SELECT NettPrice

FROM ToursPricesTable

where (_kp_ToursPricesTable)   =   TourPrice0441

"; ",";""; ToursPricesTable::NettPrice;ToursPricesTable::_kp_ToursPricesTable)


later I will make this more flexible with a selection on dates etc but first I need this to work.


Your help is appreciated as always