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Filemaker Server script error code 152; aborted by user

Question asked by raman.saini on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by electon

Hi everyone,


We have been running a scheduled script on FMS 14 that connects to remote files(hosted on cloud sever) and does sync the data. We have running this scheduled script from several different locations across US. Now, it works fine on all the locations except two of them, where it throws the error 152 aborted by user.


The scripts run fine when run from FMP and also runs sometimes on the schedule script like only around 30% of the time it completes. Checking the server logs, it just breaks out of the script randomly. Sometimes it breaks after a perform find, sometime doing a GTRR, or Go to Record Request. We are assuming is this because of the internet connection or some file permission errors? The internet at one the location(among the two) is very good, so that should not be the cause of issue. Also, can this be related to files permissions, or is it something else.

We have been trying to find solution to this, but are not very successful. Is there anyone have had this problem and any solutions available? Any comments will be helpful. Thanks!