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Discussion created by PeterWindle on May 15, 2016
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Interestingly enough, the recent discussions about FileMaker's pricing and software strategy just happened to come at the same time I had a client contact me, looking for a SaaS solution. He has previously had a FileMaker runtime on the market and is now realising that he needs to move it to SaaS.


An on line solution is the only way he can see to move forward. Fair enough, I agree.


After careful thought, I had to advise against using FileMaker for this solution.




I would normally take a look at using web developers to create a solution and offer to project manage the job, however, I am completely out of time at the moment.


It saddens me to think of the great potential missed though.


I understand that FileMaker's focus is SME, workgroups and the like... but gee wizz, I keep losing clients because they all want to move to web based solutions. My count now is 4 pretty large solutions I could have had, now lost to "other" platforms, over the last 2-3 years.


The last big job I quoted for was a pretty serious solution, they ended up getting the job done by a web developer in India. They did the job for only a few thousand more than what it would have cost for the FileMaker licences ALONE... no way could I get even remotely close to this quote.


Because of this (and other reasons), I ave scaled down my business operations and have recently started a part time job. Luckily, this job is developing in FileMaker, but as for my own business... it is not looking good at all.


Not a whinge exactly, just expressing the state of things for me. I'm a survivor, I hope to prosper... has anyone else out there have similar stories or any words of wisdom?