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    Dropdown list with non selected values




      The headline does not describe well what I am asking about.


      I hava a table "Preparations" with substances. In another table "Preparationlist" I have selected some items from the table Preparations, that is the Preparationlist is a subset of Preparations, where  IDf_Preparations (table Preparationlist) is related to ID_Preparations (table Preparations).


      When I enter a new record in the Preparationlist, I have a drop down menu with all the Preparations listed. All this works fine. BUT I would like the drop-down list ONLY to contain preparations from the Preparations table that are not already in the Preparationslist (not selected before). This to prevent the same substance to be chose twice.


      I imagine that it should be possible to achieve this with a smart relationship in the relationship graph, but I am not the one to figure out how to do it.


      Any tip?





      Jonas Möller Nielsen