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    iOS and FileMaker Go compatibility...


      Hi All,


      I am trying to figure out what happens to versions of FileMaker Go when I upgrade an iOS device to iOS 9.3+

      I see that FileMaker, Inc. says that FileMaker Go 15 “
      FileMaker Go 15 is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 9.3 minimum and requires iTunes 12.x.”...
      ...and requires FileMaker Server 13.0.9 or higher.

      ...and that there is a help doc named: “FileMaker Go and iOS 8 compatibility”

      A Google search did not find a document named: “FileMaker Go and iOS 9 compatibility”

      Does anyone know what versions of FileMaker Go run under iOS 9 (besides FileMaker Go 15)?

      This is all that I could find on FM Community:
      (seems to indicate that FileMaker Go 14 and iOS 9.3 are in spec)

      I wonder if FileMaker Go 13 is supported on iOS 9.3


      Tony White