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    Portals Stop Working


      Encountered with both FM 15.0.1 and FM 14.0.5

      OS X 10.11.4

      MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)


      While building a FM app I have noticed several times that a portal will stop displaying data.  Sometimes this is just certain fields, sometimes it is the whole record. The only workaround I have found is to recreate the portal from scratch


      In the latest instance of this problem I have a portal that is acting up and right underneath it I have recreated a new portal.  The old one displays no records while the new one works fine.


      I have tried restarting FM, tried different FM releases, and tried rebooting my laptop but once the problem starts it does not go away.


      Please help...



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          Benjamin Fehr

          while I can't replicate this issue currently, some rendering bugs hit me with FMP12 first.

          For testings, you can put a Button with a script on the affected layout to force

          - commit

          - Refresh Window, maybe Refresh Window [Flush cached join results; Flush cached external data]


          In my case it figured out that this kind of issue appeared when the relationship used for the portal was built by more than 1 hops.

          (The Main Table associated with the layout was connected via a second TO to the portal's target TO)

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            Benjamin Fehr

            btw, you can upload screenshots of your solution. Maybe we can spot something out of the ordinary.

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              Hi Benjamin,


              Thank you!  I really appreciate your help here


              I also am sure that I noticed this start in FM12 although at the time I didn't pay as much attention to it.


              I tried putting adding a button that committed the records and refreshed the window (both Flush cached join results; Flush cached external data) but that did not do anything.


              I am attaching the actual file so it will be easier to see what I am seeing.  This is just the start of the development and I just have a bit of test data loaded into the database but you can see the issue on record 1 and record 8.


              I am fairly new to FM so I don't know what a "TO" is.  I couldn't find it in a search either.


              Thanks again for your assistance.




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                Benjamin Fehr

                at a brief glance, I can replicate.

                First that appeared: You have all key-fields (_pk, _fk) set as Field Type = Text.

                This could cause issues since the values are of the kind Type = Number. 'specially when 'Auto-enter Serial' is chosen.

                Change Field Type for all _pk AND _fk to Type=Number and see if the issue still occurs.


                On a second glance, I spotted a deactivated(?) Portal Filter for the 'JOIN--FocusAreaToPartner' Portal (top/right).

                The Filter is set to

                "/*IsEmpty (Partner::Filter_Focus_g) or PatternCount ( JOIN—FocusAreaToPartner::<Field Missing> ; Partner::Filter_Focus_g ) > 0*/"

                - fix the formula so that no 'Field Missing' appears OR

                - uncheck the Option 'Filter Portal Records OR

                - delete entire Formula

                and the records will appear as expected.



                btw: "TO" = 'Table Occurence' means the name of a relationship (JOIN--FocusAreaToPartner, CiscoPam, …)

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                  Hi Benjamin, sorry for the delay.  I have been traveling.


                  You are right, the broken filter caused the problem.  I had changed the filter while debugging a problem that turned out to be a missing Custom Function.  I ended up upgrading to FileMaker Pro Advanced for the debugger and now life is easier. 


                  The key-field doesn't have to be numeric, although it is probably much more efficient to have it so.  I was following a recommendation from an online FileMaker course to keep it as text. But nonetheless I have changed them to numeric.


                  Thanks again for you help!