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Stuck with Joining Tables

Question asked by comrecce on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by beverly

Dear FileMaker Community,


I’m an absolute beginner with no knowledge at all regarding FileMaker.  All the knowledge I have so far is thanks to the YouTube channel of Guy Stevens.  I’m a big music fan and I was looking for a way to store the items I want to buy.  I created a number of Tables and I’m completely stuck on how to join the necessary Tables into the final Table.

This is what I have done so far. 

Created Tables:


Artists: Id, Artist, Genre, Picture

Discography: Id, Artist, Title, Type, Release Date

Track Listing: Id, Artist, Title, Track_Number, Track_Title

Releases: Id, Artist, Title, Year, Label, Catalog, Notes


The Type field in the Discography Table is either an Album, Compilation, Single & EP or DVD/Video

The Label field in Releases is of course the Record Label

The Catalog field in Releases is actually the order number


The first problem I encountered is the container/Picture field.  I can insert pictures but I want them the same size as the files I need to insert. Is there a way that they automatically take the original size?  Another problem is the Track Listing.  When is it only one CD for example than there is no big deal but for instance take a box containing like 15 CD’s how could I manage this?

The biggest problem for me is to get the necessary data from this Tables into the final Table called Wishlist.  In attachment I placed an Excel file to show how I more or less see the final outcome of this Table.  It would be nice that the output could be shown in three tabs (info, Track Listing, Releases).

Can someone please help me out?  Please know that I would really appreciate this.


Kind regards.


P.S.  please note that the file in attachment is just a quick sketch.