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Modify Insert Image script

Question asked by Charlesdh on May 15, 2016
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Through reading and looking at scripts I was able to modify a script that work. But,need assistant to modify the script so that it looks at a field called Pimage.

The current script is:(For me it works)

1. Set Variable [$path ; value:"file: & Get(DocumentsPath) & "Images/17DHZ1853 23441.jpg"]

2. Go to Field [TestImage::Image]

3.Insert Picture [Reference]

What I need to do is have the script look at the field "PImage" in my Product table and then Insert the Picture of the named field "PImage". So If the PImage was "19DU1005 24020.jpg" the Picture for said product will show in Image container.


I tried

Set Variable [$path ; value:"file: & Get(DocumentsPath) & "Images/ & Product::Pimage"]

But, Opens the dialog for me to select the image from the record in my Image folder.

Also tried

"Images/" & "Product::Pimage"

But this erred looking for a operator.

Any suggestion would be helpful.