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Importing Data into Groups

Question asked by SeattleSquirrel on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by SteveMartino

Hi - not sure if I'm asking this correctly, but here it goes. I am using an online scheduling software where I can only export the data into a .csv sheet. Projects have ID of a full number (example: 4). The subgroups and tasks then become 4.1, and then 4.1.1. All items with a 4 belong to the same project and I would like FileMaker to keep it as part of that record. But because they all come in on separate lines, FM recognizes them all as separate records. Any way to work around this? This is an import I would do daily so it can't be something that I have to fix in the spreadsheet every time. I should mention I'm not a savvy FM user unlike so many of you!


Thanks for any advice you may have!