Lookup If calculation

Discussion created by canoevalley on May 16, 2016
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I have 4 fields. 2 Text fields and 2 container fields. Field 1 is named "CodeOne" field 2 is named "CodeTwo" field 3 is a container field and is named "SymbolOne" and field 4 is is a container field named "SymbolTwo".


If the first field "CodeOne" has the letters "BI" in it and the second field "CodeTwo" has the letters RD in it, a picture of a BIRD will be placed in field "SymbolOne". The picture of the bird resides in field "SymbolTwo".


Now I create a new record and the 2 text fields have the following letters in them. "TR" and "EE". There would be some sort of lookup or calculation that would drop a picture of a TREE in the container field named "SymbolOne". Again, the container field named "SymbolTwo" holds all of my images.


Should I create a new table that would hold my images?


I would appreciate any help here. I have tried to explain this in the simplest way.