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    Lookup If calculation


      I have 4 fields. 2 Text fields and 2 container fields. Field 1 is named "CodeOne" field 2 is named "CodeTwo" field 3 is a container field and is named "SymbolOne" and field 4 is is a container field named "SymbolTwo".


      If the first field "CodeOne" has the letters "BI" in it and the second field "CodeTwo" has the letters RD in it, a picture of a BIRD will be placed in field "SymbolOne". The picture of the bird resides in field "SymbolTwo".


      Now I create a new record and the 2 text fields have the following letters in them. "TR" and "EE". There would be some sort of lookup or calculation that would drop a picture of a TREE in the container field named "SymbolOne". Again, the container field named "SymbolTwo" holds all of my images.


      Should I create a new table that would hold my images?


      I would appreciate any help here. I have tried to explain this in the simplest way.





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          canoevalley wrote:


          Should I create a new table that would hold my images?




          Yes, that's an excellent idea. But don't copy the data from record to record (unless you need a historical record). That dramatically increases the amount of data you have to store. Rather, just reference the image in the images table via an imageID field in your parent table.


          You should probably use dedicated ID fields rather than a concatenation of text strings to make the relational join. Otherwise, it presents the possibility of users messing up your joins by entering text strings you didn't anticipate. A value list with the ID and the description of the image can be used to populate it.