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    How can I customize form letters?


      Is it possible to make a form letter that will add or omit the statements I choose for an individual? I need to tell how people have been noncompliant, but not all would need the same statements included. I would only be preparing one at a time.

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          Yes, just use global variables to gather up your message text, then merge it into a text field. Then that layout can be printed with any text.


          In layout mode, make a text box, under the Insert menu, you'll see "merge variable", when you merge a variable it looks like this on a layout:



          Then all you need is a script to set $$LetterText:

          If [ condition 1 ]

              Set Variable [ $$LetterText ; "form1" ]

          Else If [ condition 2 ]

             Set Variable [ $$LetterText ; "form2" ]

          Else If [ condition 3 ]

             Set Variable [ $$LetterText ; "form3" ]


          End If

          Go To Layout [ form print ]


          Go To Layout [ original layout ]

          Set Variable [ $$LetterText ; "" ]


          So your script takes care of figuring out which form text to load, goes to a printable view to print it, then clears out the form text when done.


          Add as many conditions as you need, and make each "template" as dynamic as you want.