FileMaker layout appears differently between mac os 10.10 and 10.11

Discussion created by liyangao on May 16, 2016
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Our FileMaker database is stored on the FileMaker Pro 12 server. I designed the layout and all the text fields and radio buttons on the layout are alighted well into the text in the layout on my mac with OS 10.10. My colleagule is doing data entry on her mac. We used to have no probelm with the layout. What I see on the layout is the same as what my colleague sees on her mac while the database is stored on the FM server. Recently my colleague switched to another mac with OS 10.11. Now the layout appears well on my mac does not look the same as what I see on my mac, the text fields and radio buttons are all shifted. This is very frustrating.


I am aware that the layout will be different between a Mac and a PC due to different OS and fonts. It is surprising to oberserve such a different between Mac themselves. How can I solve this problem? Any suggestion or insight will be highly appreciated.