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    FMGo15 Opening Behaviour Change?


      FMGo15 Opening all external resources before display of layout, instead FMG14 of incremental display of layout and resources as they are loaded.

      At least this is what appears to be happening.  Perhaps I am missing the obvious and something else is going on.


      FMGo14 when I start my solution it displayed the layout, then gradually added thumbnails for reference documents stored on an external database

      FMGo15 when I start my solution it displays a blank grey screen until all of the thumbnails are completely loaded.
      This can take up to a minute on earlier iPads.  This is a problem as less technical users are likely to bail at such a long delay

      without appropriate feedback.


      Is there anyway to change this back to incremental display and loading of external database information?

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          This may have been a change in FMGo that was done to address other issues. You may try having a frozen "loading" layout for a static amount of time or maybe calculated on a response time from a PSOS script.


          Is you layout too heavy? Try lightening it up If possible.


          I have some JPEG heavy layouts and to get them working well on iOS with a decent image I use a thumbnail that is 1.5x the container size but run the JPEG compression quality down to 40 or so for the thumbnail. This generally results in a smaller file size that loads faster but still is visually nice for the user.  Keeping the original large images in a separate table also helps a lot.


          I have some some list view layouts with thousands of images and they load pretty quickly even over slow WAN. Never wait more than 5-10 seconds for 1000 images at the slowest.


          Properly using styles helps too.

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            Just saw the ref. doc note. Not sure about that.