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    FMS 15 seeing other FMS's


      I know through FMS 14 that FMS cannot see other FMSs to do things such as make external data sources so that you can make table occurrences from files on another server.  Yes, this can be done with FMP/A, but not FMS.  Is this still true on FMS 15?  If so, all of the EULA change forcing us to split solutions into a lot of servers is going to cause issues on some databases I had shared among a lot of different clients.  I'm just realizing this as I'm starting the splitting up into multiple servers.  I guess it will mean putting those databases on each of the new server databases... and then if I need to update them, I have to update all of them instead of just one.  This would not be a big deal if FMS 15 can see and share external FMS data sources.  Does anyone know if it will? 

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          FMS 15 cannot connect to files not on the same server. Its like every other version of FMS in that regard.


          Unless you are running scheduled or PSoS scripts it is the client that connects to the two FMSs.

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            That is what I feared... It would be helpful if they make licensing changes to force more servers that they would then let these servers see each other.  Disappointing.  And, yes, I know there are workarounds.  They just aren't elegant.


            FYI, I do a lot of PSoS and schedule scripting to optimize things and avoid issues with plugins on servers, etc.  Also, this EULA change means buy-ing more server plugins.  Oh well, I'm sure the plugin guys like that.