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    Interactive PDFs spiral out of control


      Occurs in FIleMaker Pro and Advanced 15 -

      Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise


      When you have an interactive PDF container on a layout and you browse to the next record FileMaker doesn't close the existing page when going to the next. As you browse through more pages the adobe reader keeps growing in memory usage.



      + 3 records later


      Given a little time after closing the file the AcroRd32.exe process will exit clearing up the memory.

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          Thank you for your post.


          This is expected behavior.  Interactive container fields are identical to Web Viewers.  The data is accessed using the OS Webkit, and much of that data is cached for later viewing so that the PDF is not loaded each time the record is accessed.  Once the file is closed, the memory is released.



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            That is really not an acceptable answer. It should be controllable. FileMaker shouldn't make the assumption that we want things cached. What I am discovering is that FileMaker likes to make a lot of assumptions about what the customers would want rather than give them options.

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              So after some serious testing on this today I have a workaround. It is far from ideal but I wanted it to be posted so if anyone else comes across this at least they have an idea


              Its pretty simple, but it doesn't actually close out the webkit.All it does is to keep the memory from spiraling out of control.


              1. Freeze Window
              2. Go to a different layout on the same table
              3. Go to the next record
              4. Return to the original layout


              This has kept my webkit from exceeding 20mb used.