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Calculation of Stock Cost Report

Question asked by FM_DM on May 16, 2016


I am having an issue with creating a report which would show the value of items currently in stock in my inventory system both with and without items marked as service. The information used is sorted in two tables Inventory and Items. This is how the report is set up:


Item Number      Items Name     Service     Amount in Stock      Cost per item     Total cost in stock


This report is sorted by Item number (kf_Item_ID when script is run to generate the report) which is stored in the Items table with Item name, Amount in Stock and cost per Item

Service and Total cost in Stock are stored in the inventory table.

All this information is in a sub-summery part when sorted by kf_item_ID

Total cost in Stock is set with a field called cost which has the below calculation:

Items::Cost * Items::Number in Stock


What I am aiming for is a summery field at the bottom of the report which shows the total cost of all items currently in stock but I have not been able to get this at all. It keeps coming up with very large totals which do not reflect the actual cost.

Any help would be appreciated apologies as I have still very novice at filemaker!