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Question asked by oxuser on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by oxuser

I'm a historian and I'm trying to work out a logical structure for my FM14 database. I am recording 4 different life events, each contained in separate tables, for individuals. The table relationships are one individual to many event 1, event 2, etc. I have also set up a number of other tables which record data such as archival references, occupation types, place/addresses which I'd like to be able to select from across all the events.


Eg. Person A (Individuals table) is married (Event 1 table) in Place A (Place table) which I found in a source (Source table). In that same source I find another person, Person B, (Individuals table) who dies (Event 2 table).


I'm having trouble with circular structures here and FM is generating several table occurrences when I try to link these '3rd level' tables. I am not an advanced user at all (used to use Access but some time ago) but while the rest of the database is operating smoothly, after many online tutorials I'm struggling to get what feels like this basic aspect right.


Can anyone help me out here? I feel I'm not being very efficient in this.