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base elements BE_CopyFile function - error in windows

Question asked by darrenburgess on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by philmodjunk

Using the base elements function BE_CopyFile, I am getting error 50 which is:


System error 50 has occurred. The request is not supported.


The syntax of the function call:


BE_CopyFile ( "C:/Users/JAS/Desktop/temp.pdf" ; "C:\Users\JAS\Desktop/temp2.pdf" )


So this worked on my windows test computer running windows 10, but fails on the client computer running windows 7.  Yes, the exact combo of slashes is what works on my windows test machine.


I am wondering what the possible issues are. 


  • Could be the that somehow this function is not supported in Win 7?
  • Or maybe I should install the 32 bit plugin?
  • Or perhaps variations in what is an acceptable path syntax?
  • or some security setting on the computer that locks down an operation like this?


Your help is appreciated, as always!


Darren Burgess

Beezwax Datatools