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    FileMaker 15 Container cannot display PDF


      I just installed FMS15 on a Windows 2008 Quad Core Dell server with 12GB ram (64bit)


      The client computer is FMP15A 32 bit, W7 Home Premium (Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601)


      A PDF in a container field WILL NOT display as the attached image shows.


      The Document1_URL is calculated from container attributes!


      We use static IP address. There is no SSL turned on. Acrobat reader is properly installed. Allow file downloads is turned ON on both the server and workstation in Internet Explorer.


      What is going on with the webkit. This has been a chronic, unfixed problem since FMP12


      Please FileMaker HELP! The only work around so far is to export the contents of the field and open in a web viewer, but this should not be needed!


      Scott Zeigen MD

      medDB, LLC


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          How do you calculate Document1_URL ? The result is not valid, starting with "PDF:"


          You shouldn't need any URL for showing container, it is automatic, but I know FMS not works as expected on someone.

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            The calculation used to get the information is simply...


            GetValue ( Document1; 2 ) from the container's attributes


            If you show both values (1 & 2) you get the following...



            PDF :Documents/Document/8975_11181_2016_05_10_OCT.pdf


            The string does contain PDF, as this is the type of document in the container. This calculation is to show that the file exist in the container for the world to see and not take my word for it.

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              The information is used by server for providing file contents to users, not an URL for client access the file location. Can you right click on error page displaying in container field, then get the erroneous URL actually used?

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                It is not being used to access the file at all! ... it is an informative,

                developer's information field only! It is just to show the attributes of

                the file in the container, nothing more. The URL is a wild card "*".

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                  We had the same problem 6 months ago with a containerfield.

                  We tried everything, it only occured on 1 of the 12 pc's.

                  At the end we deletet the user profile on the network and did a clean install with adobe DC.

                  Problem solved.


                  So, if your calculatinon is good. Even if you are 100% shure the calculation is right, try to change it for local PDF file first.

                  If that doesn't show try to change your standaard browser in chrome, if that doesn't show try to disable your local firewallsettings. (Don't forget to put it on again).


                  If that doesn't fix your problem, try to install the 64 bit FM (FMpro 64 bit + windows 10 works)


                  And if that doesn't work, you can do the same thing we did.

                  In our situation the problem was problebly somewhere in userprofile, a browsersetting or local  a Adobe setting.

                  We were lucky because the other PC's worked fine we knew for sure the problem was somewhere in the settings.

                  I know this is problebly not the Answer you want hear, but maybe it can help you to find the solution.


                  I'll hope somebody else has An answer that can help you with a simple fix

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                    How did you delete the user profile? The PDFs view on 2 our of 4 HP Touch

                    Screens (W7 Home Premium 64 bit), no problem of Window 8.1 and seems that

                    Acrobat v 11 works best. No problem viewing on Mac!


                    What is interesting is immediately after I updated FM13 to 13.05 it worked

                    for about one hour then reverted to not working!


                    Besides Windows Firewall, is there any other program that screws with the

                    Filemaker webkit and containers? Web viewers work just fine!


                    I am think of abandoning the container for viewing and just using a

                    Webviewer. I will use a script trigger on Layout Load to export the

                    container contents to the user temp folder and view it in the webviewer.


                    Scott Z

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                      Acrobat or Internet Explorer is screwing up the user profile. That's why nothing works.

                      We renamed the old user profile on the network to peter.old and also deleted the userprofile from the PC.


                      It was a very frustrating thing not logical at all


                      But when we started with a clean user profile the problem was fixed.

                      I'll hope this also works for you.

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                        Where is this profile located... Very frustrating!



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                          I'll look it up for you tommorow

                          Now I'm working on my Mac

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                            My Mac is not having any problems, just two of my 5 PCs (both W7). Thx!



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                              On our windows server the profiles are on userdata\profiles\ and in redirected-Folders\

                              We renamed the profile with .old. (don't copy back the internet explorer data)


                              I looked up how to delete the profile on the W7-PC:

                              • Log in as different user (with admin privileges) than you want to delete
                              • Open Properties for Computer
                              • Advanced system settings (on the left side)
                              • Settings for User Profiles (in the middle)
                              • Select the profile you want to delete and click the delete button


                              Don't you want to upgrade them to windows10?