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Best Practice Using Merge Fields

Question asked by andrewfig on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by andrewfig

I just jumped into the world of Filemaker so I apologize in advance if its been asked.


I have a tabbed section.

Tab A has text fields for customer name, number, billing address. All of which are inputted manually on the database, not imported through excel.

Tab B has has text fields for customer name, shipping address.


Right now, I'm using Merge Fields for Tab B:Customer-Name from the data thats entered into Tab A::Customer-Name. Is that the best approach to eliminating having to type in the name twice but still displaying the name (once on each tab)?


Side note: Since Tab A:Billing Address is sometimes different than Tab B:Shipping Address, is there a way to populate the Shipping Address from Tab A's: Billing Address but still have an opportunity to edit it? With Merge Field, I know you cant without editing the original value (in this case, without editing the value from Tab A:Billing Address)