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    Search Script Query


      Hi All,


      I am new to FileMaker and currently using FMA 10. I have been trying to make a script to perform a serarh and retrieve task, but struggling to say the least


      At present i have two tables, one is Server Stock, Global stock and a table with a (Search) global field for the purpose of the search script.


      I am trying to achieve the following;


      upon entering a number into a field on thr server layout linked to Search, the below script 'concept' is triggered


      Goto Table (Search)

      Get value from name field

      Goto Global table

      Find matching values

      Import finding into server stock


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Kind Regards

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          Can you print (or screenshot) the actual script and post?


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            Hi Beverly,


            Thank you for coming back to me on this,


            the script i currently have is below, I fear that it may be quite a way 'off the mark' for what I actually need


            Below is the (unfinished) Server Stock layout with a field linked to the Search Table (global field called Search)

            search field.png


            I am trying to get the script to trigger when a value is enter via my barcode scanner, once start it gets the value in the search field, then searches for matches in the Global stock table and imports all found results to the Server stock table.


            the search is looking in a field called Cage ID in Global stock table

            global table.png


            Any help would be greatly appreciated

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              I think I am closer to achieving my on this


              My only issue is for some reason the script is importing all of the Global Table contents and not the contents that match the global search value which for the purpose of testing is one Cage ID (111)




              Please could someone kindly advise where I am going wrong?


              Kind Regards

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                I'll have to study this further. I'm not sure "Import" is the method I use. I believe mostly, I loop and Set Fields.


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                  After you Enter Find Mode, don't you need to set a field before you perform the find?  Just wondering.

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                    I managed to get it working!


                    haha. yuuussss.png


                    Some tweaking and typo correction still required but it works