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PsoS WebDirect Bug?

Question asked by electon on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by LSNOVER

I have a bit of a situation here.


The setup is:

Development Server 15 running on OSX 10.11.5

FileMaker Pro Clients: 14 & 15

Access to WebDirect via Safari: 9.0.3

Credentials are handled by Open Directory that runs on the same server. ( let's not get into that... )

Server uses the standard SSL certificate that came with it.



Two files: Main App and Media ( just containers with external open storage )


I'm importing XML with XSL where XML has base64 encoded pdf. Because it will not work in WebDirect I need to use Perform Script On Server.

The image is first imported to a global container then placed in a related record in the Media file.

I've tested this with FMPro, works like a breeze.


However it fails to set the image in the Media file.

Server shows error:

Authentication failed on the Media file ...

Followed by Error Code 100 =  File not found


All credentials, privileges etc have been checked and the problem is not there.

It works when:

Logged in with Full Access account ( server local account )

Script is granted Full Access privileges.


Could it be due to the standard SSL certificate?

Or is this a BUG that needs reporting?


I still have to check when SSL is disabled on the server.


Thank you,