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    Displaying Fields from Related Tables


      Hello Filemaker Friends!


      I'm having an issue with displaying fields from related tables.


      I need information from the Venues table to be displayed on the Contracts table, but I just can't seem to figure it out!


      Venues ---> Events ---> Event Expense List ---> Contracts


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!



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          If you mean


          Venues --< Events --< EventExpenseList >-- Contract


          (i.e. venues have events, and contracts have expenses on events), then you would need a portal, because a contract can be involved with many venues.


          But if you mean


          Venues --< Events --< EventExpenseList--< Contract


          and all these table are related by proper use of primary and foreign key, then normally you should be able to simply put the (one) venues's name (or any other field) on the Contract layout.


          Or what is the problem?

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            Hi erolst!

            Well, it must be a case of fuzzy Filemaker brain... I double checked my relationships and now it appears to be working.  My relationships are the second way that you suggested - I had my symbols the wrong way in my explanation! 


            Anyways, I must have been doing something incorrectly yesterday.  That's why I was so confused, I thought I had everything right (which I did) but I must have been trying to place the wrong field on the layout...??? Some silly operator error!  Anyways, thanks for the reassurance that it should work - it does, and all is well!  (...And if I figure out what I was doing wrong yesterday, I'll post an explanation here for anyone else that might ever have this problem!)