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Radio button layout problems

Question asked by sawhet on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by sawhet

I'm using FM13 and am having trouble tweaking the layout of my radio button fields.   I've tried playing with padding and line spacing, and changing the size of the field boxes.  No joy.


Here are the specific issues:

  • The radio circles that get filled in do not align with the text.  So in a simple Yes/ No choice, the circles are slightly above and to the left of the words  (like a backward placement of a degree symbol).
  • If I increase the zoom on a form, the Yes and No get truncated to  "Ye" and "N".   This happens even tho' the boxes are seemingly much wider than they need to be. (There is plenty of room for the full "No".)   And the same thing happens if I zoom out.
  • When I view the same form on my laptop (as opposed to desktop), the radio button fields are similarly truncated  -- "Ye"  and "N" -- even at 100%.  And they have the same unaligned placement relative to the text.


Additional info:  I have three fields with the Yes/No choice, and they all truncate the same way.   I have one checkbox field, which works fine -- it doesn't truncate, and the boxes are reasonably in line with the text.


Thanks for any ideas!