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Help with a Calculation / Script

Question asked by PaulCarroll on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by Jade

Hi Folks


I am in the process of adapting the Inventory solution to suit my needs for an equipment management system.


Essentially, I am creating a packing list form as an extension to the database so that for each job we send out we can create a packing list of equipment required.


I am looking to create a calculation / script so that the following occurs.


Assuming I have 20 of item A and 30 of item B "in stock"


On 25th May I have a job requiring 12 A's and 4 B's.

The Job is out from 25th until 30th May

On 27th May I have another job that requires 6 A's and 14 B's. This Job is for 4 days duration.

If I had another job on 29th requiring 8 A's I would not have sufficient in stock.


I need to reference the "Date Out" and "Date Returned" from the packing list so that the database will warn if we are over booked on certain items.


This is probably quite simple but I am still quite new to scripting etc so any pointers gratefully received.


Many thanks