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Container/Folder FileMaker Server 14

Question asked by canoevalley on May 17, 2016
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I have developed a solution on my Mac. I have a folder with images that are imported to the solution and I store them in the folder as a reference as there are about 1500 of them. I import the images using import records and then choose the folder. Works fine


Now I need to upload (share) the solution on the FileMaker server. Users will be accessing the database with the WebDirect technology.


Now I am ready to test the solution on their server. I delete all of the images. I connect to the server and upload the file. I open the file with FileMaker and then re-import the image folder. The images are there and everything looks good. When I view the file using WebDirect, the images are missing. Broken link or something. I go back to the remote hosted version and the images are there. I think the path name is the issue.


I have read the help file on how this needs to be set up but it's a little Greek to me. There should be a simple way for me to set up my Pictures folder on the server and there should not be any broken links.


Any ideas.


Much appreciated.


Thank you