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    Value list


      Hi Everyone,


      I am creating a FM GO Quiz Solution.  The quiz has multiple questions and each question has a different set of answer choices. I want to weight each answer choice.  I started to use Value LIsts, but I had to create multiple value lists based for each question and I didn't see a way to add a weight score to the answer. However, if I change the Questions, I would then have to go and change each of the custom value lists and I cannot add a weight to the correct answer.  How would you approach this from a relationship perspective and db structure?  As always, thanks.






      Question 1           => Choice A

                                  => Choice B   (B) is correct with a Score Weight of 5

                                  => Choice C

                                  => Choice D


      Question 2:         => Choice E

                                  => Choice F  (F) is correct with a Score Weight of 5

                                  => Choice G

                                  => Choice H

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          Hi, regex:


          I wold likely approach this by starting with a question table and answer table (if not possibly a combined question/answer table, with each record being designated as one or the other). For each answer record, I would have the answer choice field, a field that indicates the correct response and a weight field.


          The answer choices for each question would not be a custom value list, but either a portal showing the related answer choices or a field-based value list populated with data from the related records.


          Is it also possible you want to weight the question (instead), so that correct and incorrect answers are given values to add to/subtract from an overall score?

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            Hi Erik, I am also interested in addressing this problem. Are you saying that one should create a one table with two column or attributes, one column for a question and the other column for the answer, but the "Answer" would be a lookup to a related portal. Don't I need to relate this table with another.... I don't know if I am making any sense, but it would help if you provide a table structure?

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              Could you elaborate?  I still do not understand how the variable answer choices would be used. At the moment, I do have a question table and an answer table.  I also have created a customized Value List for the possible answer choices, but I do not have a way to weight them.



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                Have a look at the attached sample file. It's merely an example of a question-answer setup with separate question / answer tables and relationships between them. Also included are two screens showing how questions might be presented as 1) a portal or 2) a pop-up menu list. Note that the answer screens would normally not be part of the question table layouts, but would be integrated into however you structure your quiz / responses tables. So these are just conceptual.


                I hope this helps a little.

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                  I don't see the link to the attachment.

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                    Thank you very much for your insights and taking the time to explain in an example.  Now, I can see your logic on the relationships between the tables.  I was missing a few items (relationship context and use of the portal) as you clearly pointed out in your solution description.  Approaches like this could be used as a session @ the conference. Thanks again.

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                      It sure helps a lot.Thanks.

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                        Regex, thanks for initiating the discussion. I had a similar problem and just did not  know how to phrase it as well as you did.