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Question asked by regex on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by ucharles

Hi Everyone,


I am creating a FM GO Quiz Solution.  The quiz has multiple questions and each question has a different set of answer choices. I want to weight each answer choice.  I started to use Value LIsts, but I had to create multiple value lists based for each question and I didn't see a way to add a weight score to the answer. However, if I change the Questions, I would then have to go and change each of the custom value lists and I cannot add a weight to the correct answer.  How would you approach this from a relationship perspective and db structure?  As always, thanks.






Question 1           => Choice A

                            => Choice B   (B) is correct with a Score Weight of 5

                            => Choice C

                            => Choice D


Question 2:         => Choice E

                            => Choice F  (F) is correct with a Score Weight of 5

                            => Choice G

                            => Choice H