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Audio container progress-bar missing FMP15

Question asked by Heidelberg on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Heidelberg

Hi everybody,

got the suggestion to post it under "Product Issues" instead as general question. Since I do not know how to move a post I re-write it here.


I am using FMP 15 (without "advanced") Version 15.01.119

OSX 10.11.4 on a MacBook Pro mid 2012


just updated from FMP12 to FMP15. I’ve got some 20000 mp3 files which I can easily import in FMP15 after I added new container fields (the FMP12 container did not work). All meta data are shown when using the "getContainerAttribute" but the container as such does no longer show the progress bar in the referenced container. I can only start and stop the audio. It will resume from where I stopped. And I can rewind 30 seconds.


I suspect it has nothing to to with the filetype .fmp12 as such since I had no problems until the upgrade from FMP12 to FMP15.



Strange enough - if I add to a filename „.mov“ for example „“ I get the progress-bar as usual like for real videos. But I don’t get the meta data anymore. I could certainly work with two sets of reference file (one with .mp3 and one with - but this would mean to work with twice the storage for those file (i.e. 2x 60GB) ... unless there was a trick via text functions.