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    Audio container progress-bar missing


      Hi everybody,


      just updated from FMP12 to FMP15. I’ve got some 20000 mp3 files which I can easily import in FMP15. All meta data are shown but the container as such does no longer show the progress bar in the referenced container - I can only start and stop the audio. It will resume from where I stopped. And I can rewind 30 seconds.


      Strange enough - if I add to a filename „.mov“ for example „mySong.mp3.mov“ I get the progress-bar as usual like for real videos. But I don’t get the meta data anymore. I could certainly work with two sets of reference file (one with .mp3 and one with .mp3.mov) - but this would mean to work with twice the storage for those file (i.e. 2x 60GB) ... unless there was a trick via text functions.


      Is this one of those "no longer supported things" or is there something I'm just missing?