FM Pro Error Message: Temporary file cannot be created.

Discussion created by drshapiro on May 17, 2016
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Mac mini with OSX 10.11.4

FM Pro


Using FM Pro 15 on the same computer that is running FM Server, I opened a file (remote) to access a file running under FM Server.  The following error message appeared in a popup:

The temporary file "FMS_12A7A.... [lot's of numbers].....fch" could not be created on the system disk.  Use a different name, make  more room on the disk, or unlock it.


I have plenty of room on the system disk.  I checked a script step that contains a Perform Script referencing a script in another file, and it had quotes instead of the script name.  Trying to reselect the script, the script choices were missing.


I reverted back to FM Pro 14, and it works fine, so this is a bug in FM Pro 15 and not in my code.