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Permissions: create but not edit a record

Question asked by anothersmurf on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by beverly

For a given table, a user has permission to Create records, but not Edit them. Fields in that table are marked as modifiable by the user. This allows the user to not just create a blank record, but also enter initial data into the record's fields. That's what I want. But I've found that the user can still make changes to that record after it's been committed, and even after the user has switched to & back from another record.


It seems like this ability to edit newly-created records lasts as long as the user is connected to the database. Is that right? Is there some way (short of forced disconnect!) that I can block the user from further edits after the record was created and initial values have been set?


(I'm running 14, but if this behaviour changes in 15 I'd be interested in knowing about it.)