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Can I show FM on my Wordpress site?

Question asked by happyez on May 17, 2016
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I do know WD exists, but I was wondering if there was another way.


I have a WP site, WooCommerce and my database.

I want to have a button on WP that takes you to either sign up or login, then a trial search. These are done with the DB (but could also be done on WP thru a plugin like Sync). You would access the 50000 records within FM and do a search. The result would be within FM and you could then choose to buy a package or not.

There is no need to link FM with Woo, as I hope you could set up a button which takes you back to the website to a page that you can then buy one of the packages. Once the sales is through, you go to a page that takes you to the Login (within FM). From there, do the full search. Then it goes to a layout (page) that says the product will be ready that day.


I dont want to transfer information between WP and FM, so I dont need to set up fields. I just want to get from WP to FM and back.


Is WD the best way to do it, use Go (I doubt it, but maybe), or use one of the Syncs that exist that allow you to communicate between FM and WP. This is for the public, not an internal DB so people within the firm can handle order, for instance.


Also, if there is a plugin that allows you to handle payments within FM, that would avoid the need to go back to WP site, but stick with FM, then I'd be keen on that. Seems it maybe a 360Works Plastic plugin.


Open to all ideas that help make it easy to implement, without too much coding, can even do it myself or with a little help, and works without faults (with of course, a non-buggy FM file).


Thanks all!