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Exit focus on Close Popover

Question asked by sivagurS on May 17, 2016



I have a popover in my layout that includes

a Edit-box

a Search button and

a portal.


On entering the Popover, the focus goes to the edit box and the iPhone keyboard appears.

When the user enters any letter in the edit box, the portal gets filtered and shows only those records that includes that character.

When the user chooses one of these records, the necessary script is run and then the popover is closed.


The problem here is

because the focus shifts from the Edit box to the Popover when the keyboard disappears, the popover moves down for a fraction of a second before closing.

This doesn't look good from the User Interface point of view.


Is there any way I could get the Popover to close at the same as the Keyboard disappears.


P.S. This problem does not happen when the user doesn't enter anything in the Edit-box and instead chooses one of the first few records.

Then the popover closes straight away, no delay.