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    Checkboxes in webdirect



      I have some problems with som checkboxes in the web direct view. First I tried to hide 0 and 1 with the shape tool and wrote a text over. Looked fine in Pro but in webdirect it looked with this:


      Then I made a valuelist from some field instead, and only showing the second field. Looked and worked fine in Pro but in webdirect the checkboxes looked like this:



      Some thoughts about this ?

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          WD renders stuff in its own way some times. What you are showing is a radio button and not a checkbox.


          WD is also particular about what objects are on top.


          If if you need a radio button and need to hide the 1/0 values maybe try arranging the field  so they are up/down rather than left/right and the make it matrix to hide the 1 and 0.

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            Okey thanks for you input. Where could I choose to show the radio up/down, it seem to show left/right by default? And also I cant hide the 1/0 and not the radio button?