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      I'm trying to connect to 4D server v13.6 on OSX 10.9.5 using filemaker pro 15 on el capitan 10.11.4. Someone can suggest me how to do because using external data source i can't see the odbc source and using odbc manager i have a successful connection between the machine that are on 192.168.1.xxx local network

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          Have you already setup a DSN pointing to the datasource in the OSX ODBC Manager? That's located under Applications > Utilities > ODBC Manager.


          You have to setup a DSN to your ODBC datasource BEFORE you are able to view that data source inside of FileMaker's External Data Source dialog.

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            Dearets Mike,


                 thanks a lot for Your support. Yes I've set up the OSX ODBC manager with some slight modification to the odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini - so actually i can see from filemaker external data source the ODBC source that i'd netted up. But no way to work ... may be as Beverly says i need to do the sync procedurally and not with live connection?

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              Correct, 4D is not supported for ESS:


              (page 5, supported sources)


              So you would either be using the Import Records, or Execute SQL script steps to get information from your ODBC source.

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                Dearest Mike,


                     thanks truly a lot for document and infos, anyway I'll keep on trying to establish some connection between 4D Server and Filemaker ... anyway the document refer to FM10 so maybe till FM15 there's some changes and at least i can try via import record s or other scripts ... I'll keep the post updated if I collect news

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                  Fundamentally it is the same. I know for a fact that 4D is not supported for ESS in FileMaker 15. Generic ODBC is still supported for the other methods I've pointed to.

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                    Dearets Mike,


                    thanks a lot again for infos, so i didn't waste time I'll try something that can automated with applescript or so on

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                      I have this two alert from filemaker pro 15 right now:




                      "You have exceeded the maximum allowed login attempts"




                      "this title could not be imported because it is password protected"


                      have suggestions?