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FMGo15 Web Viewer text size increase in landscape.

Question asked by bigtom on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by spidenr

Product and version FileMaker Go 15.0.1

OS and version iOS 9.3.1

Hardware iPhone6 Plus, iPod Touch, iPad Air2, iPad Pro


When a device is rotated to landscape on a layout containing a web viewer with no interaction (scrolling) allowed and designed to have a static size on the layout, the text in the web viewer increases but not the containing web viewer object. This causes the text to overfill the object and display truncated text in the web viewer.

How to replicate

Place a Webviewer with no interaction allowed on a layout anchored on all four sides and fill with proper amount of data:text/html to fill the object. View in FMGo and rotate to landscape.


In FMGo14 the workaround was running this in a script trigged by on layout enter:


Freeze Layout

Go To Layout (Blank)

Go To Layout (Original)


This would resize the text back to the original size. However this behavior is not present in FMGo15. This can cause UI display issues with smaller devices that have web viewers including text. The expected behavior is for the text to remain a constant size if the size of the web viewer object has not changed.