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FileMaker 15 Pro Advanced: PDF content doesn't show in Container field

Question asked by nerosunero on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by richardcarlton

Dear all.

I have just migrated from FileMaker Pro Adv 13 to FM Pro Adv. 14 and then to FM Pro Adv. 15

installing the new versions on same computer where I was running FM13:

Those are my computer specs: PC 64bit Windows 10 Pro

Now I have just noticed that all the PDFs I stored in their Container Fields do not show anymore!

In their place aPDF Icon instead appears.

Also it seems that from my FM 15 database I am not able to insert PDFs anymore, the only options available when I want to insert a new field in the Containers are

Insert Picture / Insert Audio Video /Insert File /

(Insert PDF is dimmed!)

Please refer to my screenshots here attached

Am I doing something wrong?

Please help! Any advice would be very appreciate as this issue is for me of huge implications!

Kind regards

Mario aka nerosunero