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    Weird fonts are back


      Running FMPA 14.0.5 on Win10 Pro.  I upgraded to Win10 to fix the problem between FMP14 and Win7, with weird fonts showing up and random.  I have enjoyed almost 2 months of no problems. 


      But it is back.  It is slightly different this time.  Some of the fonts are fine.  It did not replace all of the fonts with a *****.tmp.  I can replace the font back to what it was and all is fine.  BUT STILL? 

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          Our department bought two licenses for FMPAdv15. Slowly I am encouraging use of of FileMaker. 


          Today I had a third training session for use of the solution I developed.  And WHAM, the crazy fonts showed up for ver15 the same as for ver14.  In both cases only on computers with Win7 Professional. 


          I showed my co-worker how to go to layout and change the fonts back to Arial from the ZC***.tmp font.  *** are because I forgot the numbers in the name. 


          So anyone else seeing this?  ON 14 or 15?

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            Yes, I had this issue with FMPA 15 on Windows 10, when 15 first came out.  


            I did not have the issue with FMPA14 as reported by others.   I was using 32bit FMPA 14.   When 15 came out I installed 64bit version and I had the issue.   I went back to 32bit version of FMPA15 and have not had the issue occur again.   

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