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Managing FMS performance with IWP and CWP

Question asked by on May 19, 2016

I am supporting a client with a legacy system that uses both IWP and CWP with PHP, running on FMSA11 on Windows 2008 Server (VPS) with 8GB RAM.


CWP is utilized to generate PDFs using data from FileMaker, and some of these scripts are time-intensive, generating PDFs with anywhere from 1-600 pages, over the span of several minutes.


Lately we are noticing that when 3-4 simultaneous PHP clients are hitting FMS, IWP performance slows down drastically, even with only 1-2 IWP users. My first thought was that PHP was depriving IWP of RAM, but even with several scripts running at once, PHPs memory usage is not that high and overall system RAM is still only 50% in use.


Previously, we were using a managed hosting environment where we didn't encounter this issue. It has only become evident since switching to our current server host, so I'm looking for clues and causes in how our server machine is configured. Perhaps something in how PHP is configured. Windows Server management is not really a part of my skill set. Our previous hosting company did a good job optimizing our server environment, but our new host is more hands-off than we expected when it comes to the server machine.


I am looking for any tips members might have on optimizing our Windows server for simultaneous IWP and CWP users. Should 8GB RAM be sufficient? Happy to provide more details if needed. Thank you.