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    FileMaker Pro 15 WAN speed


      While FMI mentioned that they improved the WAN performance of WebDirect and Richard Carlton demonstrated speed improvement with FMP I had assumed that you would require an FM15 server to benefit from the improvements.


      However, I was delighted to find out today that that isn't necessarily the case.

      I opened a remotely hosted solution (FMS 14)  that was very badly written, about 850MB, with hundreds of tables and TOCs and saw a huge improvement.

      I compared switching to a heavy layout on the same server at the same time between 14 and 15. FMP 15 switched in 2 seconds while 14 took about 1 minute.

      It looks to me like the more the solution is complex the bigger the gain will be.

      I would be interested to hear about others experiences so far...

      Maybe someone has already done a scientific comparison?

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          Well I hope there's extra power with FMS 15, because my test result with FMS 14 are not terrific. It's a tad better, but not that dramatic.


                                                            FMPA15          FMPA14

          Opening solution :                       56"10               1'11

          Loading records list view :          26"92               29"72

          Sorting the LV unstored calc :     2'05                 2'06


          For the record, FMPA 14 client on the server machine opening from takes 18 s (couldn't test 15 because my server is on mavericks)

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            On LAN

                                                         FMPA15          FMPA14     FMPA13

            Opening solution :                       25"65               26"10             33,07


            So I really hope the performance benefits requires FMS 15

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              Yes, not much of an improvement.

              How complex is the solution and how far is the host?

              In my example switching from a simple layout to a layout that displays data from a lot of related tables that have a lot of calculations the effect was more dramatic.

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                Pretty complex, many unstored calcs, SQL, 10 files involved, only 15 km SDL 1MBytes/s

                But didn't do a lot of layout switching